The Laureate of the 10th Okinawa Peace Prize

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Japan NGO Center for International Cooperation

The Japan NGO Center for International Cooperation (JANIC) (hereinafter referred to as "JANIC") was established in 1987 as the "NGO Activity Promotion Center", a network organization for NGOs, to share information among NGOs and enhance their ability to disseminate information to society, at a time when Japanese NGOs in international cooperation were developing.

JANIC has grown to become one of Japan's leading network NGOs and it has 101 regular member organizations, and provides logistical support to NGOs working to resolve social issues such as conflict, poverty, and environmental destruction in the Asia-Pacific region, including the Philippines, Cambodia, and Nepal. JANIC also plays a very important role in the maturation of civil society by connecting a wide range of domestic and international organizations and citizens.

In particular, JANIC has broadened the scope of its activities as a leader and a facilitator for the entire international cooperation NGO sector in Japan, strengthening the capacity of NGOs, making policies, recommendations, and negotiating with the government. Through the coordination and mediation of the entire international cooperation NGO sector, JANIC's contribution in shaping the infrastructure for NGOs and civil society to achieve more real value has been significant.

In addition, the mid to long-term plan, "JANIC Vision 2022," sets the goal of "making NGO an indispensable part of Japanese society as one of the sectors that make up society, and building a firm position for them". Furthermore, the efforts to enliven the entire international cooperation NGO sector by addressing the issues faced by NGOs and continuing to provide steady support, and to build the "ideal" international cooperation NGO sector in the future with an eye to the future, are expected to lead to the further development of international cooperation NGOs in the Asia-Pacific region.



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